Why Solar in South Carolina?


    • Installing solar systems in South Carolina means a variety of good jobs for South Carolinians. Click here for more information >>
    • According to the National Solar Jobs Census 2013, solar related jobs grew at 19.9% vs. 1.9% for the economy as a whole in 2013.
    • Generating electricity with solar PV systems does not pollute the air that we breathe, which means fewer asthma attacks and other health problems in our children and elderly.


    • Solar PV systems generate electricity using only the sun.
    • No greenhouse gas emissions to increase global warming.
    • No hazardous waste to pollute our rivers and lakes.
    • Doesn’t require large amounts of water to generate electricity
    • Doesn’t require large-scale mining for fuel.
    • www.ucsusa.org


    • Over the long run, putting up solar on your home can save you money.
    • You lock in the cost of electricity now and not have to worry about increases in utility rates down the road.
    • You can break even on your system in 9-10 years and you will still have 10-20 more years left on your system.
    • Your home will be worth more than your neighbor’s as a prospective buyer will receive a reduction on their electricity bill.

South Carolina Solar Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

P.O. Box 402, Columbia, SC 29202


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