Solar Energy Basics

How does solar work?

How does solar work?

A solar panel is made of photovoltaic cells. When photons from the sun hit the cells, electrons are released and can then be converted into electric power. Learn more >>

Is solar a good investment?

Is solar right for me?

The cost of solar PV systems has been declining dramatically in the past several years. Over the long run, installing solar on your home can save you money. Learn more >>

How do I get started with solar?

How do I get started with solar?

Converting to solar energy doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our certified installers can help assess your situation and advise you on how to move forward. Learn more >>



Residential Installation in Florence, SC

An upstate farm becomes a little more green. Click here to read more. >>

Bluffton High School

Students across the district will be able to monitor the their energy efficiency electronically through a computer system, district facilities director Robert Oetting said. A similar system is in place at H.E. McCracken Middle School, where students can track the efficiency and effects of a recently-installed hot water heater, he said. Click here to read more. >>


Meyer Tool

Meyer Tool in Greenville placed solar on their roof top with the help of Sunstore Solar. Click here to read more. >>

Colleton Solar Farm

The Colleton Solar Farm, the largest facility of its kind in the state, is producing electricity just nine weeks after construction began on the project. Click here to read more. >>


PaCE Offers New Solar Installation Grants for Schools and Non-Profit, Supportive Housing Facilities

Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting renewable energy generation in South Carolina, is offering new solar installation grants to qualified schools and non-profit, supportive housing facilities, such as family shelters or group homes. Click here to read more. >>

Clemson University Team Selected for Solar Decathlon 2015

A team of Clemson University students will compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathalon 2015. Click here to read more. >>


Become a member

Be a part of the solar solution! Join the South Carolina Solar Council (SCSC) starting at $30 a year.

Click here to learn more. >>

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