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Whether you are seriously considering installing PV at your home or business or are just curious about solar, one of the first places you should call is your local utility. They are the experts when it comes to providing reliable electric service; and unless you are going off the grid, connection of your new solar photo voltaic system to your electric utility is unavoidable. It is their responsibility to ensure a safe and reliable system, so learning the rules that apply to you are important. While the solar contractor of your choice should know the ropes and details of solar, don’t get caught. Your utility is a critical long term partner. In addition to safely connecting your solar equipment to the grid, you will want to speak with them about your options for selling power back to the grid. Call them today, and they can walk you through the process. You can avoid any surprises when you are ready to go live with your solar project by including them early in the process.

State Utilities

Santee Cooper
Telephone: (843) 761-8000
Call the general customer line and they will direct you to the correct department.

Investor Owned Utilities

Duke Energy Carolinas
Telephone: (866) 233-2290
E-mail: customerownedgeneratin@duke-energy.com
Address: 400 S. Tyron STreet, ST13-A, Charlotte, NC 28201
Customer, Installers, and Solar Marketers should also sign up to receive updates on Duke Energy’s South Carolina Solar Programs by selecting the “Stay Informed” button on this page.

SC Electric & Gas (Commercial)
Telephone: (800) 251-7234
E-mail: RenewableEnergy@scana.com

SC Electric & Gas (Residential)
Telephone: (800) 251-7234

Distribution Cooperatives

Aiken EC, (803) 649-6245
Berkeley EC, (843) 761-8200
Black River, (803) 469-8060
Blue Ridge, (800) 240-3400
Broad River, (864) 489-5737
Coastal, (843) 538-5700
Edisto, (803) 245-5141
Fairfield, (803)754-0153
Horry, (843) 369-2211
Laurens (864) 682-3141
Little River, (864) 366-2141
Lynches River, (843) 672-6111
Marlboro, (843) 479-3855
Mid-Carolina, (803) 749-6501
Newberry, (803) 276-1121
Palmetto, (843) 681-0075
Pee Dee, (866) 747-0060
Santee, (843) 355-0501
Tri-County, (803) 874-1215
York, (803) 684-4247

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